Countdown Escape Room

Bates Motel Escape Rooms is proud to announce the opening of their newest Escape Room, the Countdown! Countdown is a high tech, extreme detailed combination of Escape Room and Mission Game. Featuring 5 separate rooms that you will need to access, this game puts your team in abandoned Submarine that you will need to re-activate in order to complete your mission. Countdown! features an 8 speaker digital surround sound system as well as 7 localized speakers for the ultimate in sound immersion, adding to the realism of this game. Your team leader receives real time orders from the Admiral as well as Emergency Action Messages (EAMs) that will guide you and the team throughout the mission. The Mission: Snatched from today’s news headlines, you must submerge your vessel and proceed to secrete coordinates where you will surface to hover depth and engage North Korean Nuclear ICBMs. If you encounter enemy ships along the way, take them out with your torpedoes. Using a Virtual Reality periscope, computer controlled CGI Gaming, Digital sound FX and DMX lighting, this game is as real as it gets. 


DSC_6368 (1)